1.1 SashimiSwap project introduction and structure


SashimiSwap is a multi-chain deployed decentralized transaction protocol built upon AMM and exchange pools. It has an embedded investment platform that aims to increase the income of liquidity providers. It is deployed simultaneously on the three leading chains: Ethereum, Huobi HECO, and Binance Smart Chain.SashimiSwap utilizes funds in the platform's liquidity pool to execute automatic trading strategies. In addition to the fee incomes similar to other decentralized exchanges, users of SashimiSwap also receive considerable investment earnings. You can think SashimiSwap as a spot forex exchange, and it saves part of the deposited funds in a bank to earn interest.

SASHIMI is the token on the SashimiSwap platform, which is distributed 100% through liquidity mining, without any pre-sale, pre-mining, and team shares. Holders of SASHIMI token are able to participate in platform governance and receive SashimiSwap dividends through staking. platform income now includes transaction fees, income from liquidity investment, and service fees from Vaults, with more sources of income under development.

Core components

Core components

  • SashimiSwap Exchange: a decentralized trading platform using AMM transactions (part of the funds are invested by Investment)

  • SashimiSwap Investment: an asset management platform built into the Exchange. Idle funds are invested through different financial products, and the investment income is used to buy back SASHIMI, which is then transferred into the Sashimi Bar.

  • SashimiSwap Farms: a liquidity mining platform used for liquidity incentives, supporting ordinary mining and double mining

  • SashimiSwap Vaults: an aggregate financial management platform that invests the assets staked by users through different platforms to obtain the highest yield

  • SashimiSwap Governance: ecosystem governance platform that allows the community to decide the development of SashimiSwap through multi-signature.

  • Sashimi Bar: Users can obtain Sashimi Bar's SASHIMI income by staking SASHIMI (including 25% income from Investment, 0.05% fee income of Swap (not realized yet))

  • Treasury: Treasury's funds include part of the fees charged by Vaults and 75% of the income from Investment. The funds can be used for community building, project cooperation, etc., or they can be burnt. Part of the funds will be put into the Marketing Fund to motivate and support the community’s marketing plan. The specific distribution rules are determined by the community (for transaction information, see Treasury Record ).

  • Dev Fund: Part of the fees charged by Vaults will be put into the Developer Fund for development (for transaction information, see Dev Fund).

Component architecture and collaboration

SashimiSwap builds a complete DeFi integrated platform through the interaction between multiple components. Users can play the roles of traders, liquidity providers, investors, etc. in the SashimiSwap ecosystem.

Project Features

  • High asset utilization and high yield. It is able to use funds in the platform's liquidity pool for automated strategic investment

  • A fairer token distribution mechanism encourages community members to actively participate in governance

  • Vaults will use decentralized exchange funds for financial management through contracts to offer users high returns

  • Comprehensive on-chain governance, decentralized control and development from the start

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