1.5 SashimiSwap Investment


SashimiSwap Investment is an asset management module built into Sashimiswap Lending. It will invest part of the assets (≤90%) in the liquidity pool with stable returns and minimum risks.

Some profits from SashimiSwap Investment will be used to buy back SASHIMI and ETH through Exchange (DEX). 25% of the profits from SashimiSwap Investment will buyback SASHIMI and will be transferred to the Sashimi Bar Contract (check here: SashimiBar), the remaining 75% will buyback ETH and will be sent to Treasury (check here: Treasury Record). Users can obtain this part of the profits by staking the SASHIMI Token in the Sashimi Bar. It also allows users to redeem their staked SASHIMI at any time. (Staking SASHIMI will receive xSASHIMI as redemption voucher.)

Contract Information

Investment Contract:


Pools Contract:


Step 1: Open the Investment page (https://sashimi.cool/investment);

When the wallet is connected, click "Rebalance" to invest the corresponding assets according to the investment proportion, and confirm the transaction in the connected wallet; (anyone can do it)

In each pool,

“Deposit” means the amount of assets being invested.

“Supply Profit“means interest yield on deposits.

“Farm Profit“means farming yield.

“Basic Reserve Ratio” means the minimum required reserve ratio in Exchange that cannot be invested.

"Actual Reserve Ratio" means the current actual reserve ratio;

“APY” means the annual percentage yield(Supply APY + SASHIMI APY).

Step 2: If you want to get your returns back, Click "Harvest" and confirm the transaction in the connected wallet to get the returns. (Anyone can do this)

The profits will be automatically used to buy back SASHIMI/ETH and redistributed to Sashimi Bar and Treasury in proportion.

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