1.9 Sashimi Bridge


Sashimi platform currency SASHIMI can conduct cross-chain trading on Huobi Chain, Binance Chain, as well as Ethereum Chain.

Users can transfer their asset to the other two chains under the current chain by using the cross-chain trading function of the Sashimi platform to connect to their wallet.

The daily available quantity is tentatively set as 200,000 for Huobi Chain and Binance Chain, and 100,000 for Ethereum. If the daily limit exceeded, then users have to wait til 0:00 (GMT) of the next day.

In order to ensure that there are enough tokens to support users for both cross-chain transfers and transactions, SashimiSwap development team issued a total of 60,0000 SASHIMI on Huobi Chain and Binance Chain (Binance Smart Chain is 30,0000 SASHIMI, Huobi Chain is 30,0000 SASHIMI), the Ethereum chain transfers 50,000 SASHIMI from the cross-chain pool as the reserve token for the cross-chain smart contract.

Cross-chain Trading Tutorial (Example: Huobi Chain)

Step1: Connect to the wallet (Matemask as an example)

Click the "Connect Wallet" button, the following pop-up window will appear, select "Metamask" to connect to the wallet;

Step 2: Select your asset

There is only "SASHIMI" available and it is selected by default.

Step 3: Enter the quantity

There is currently no limit to the number of single transactions, but the number of transactions needs to be within the prescribed daily limit transaction amount, and users need to pay a certain additional fee. The service fee is based on the current chain to collect the platform currency under the chain.

Step 4: Receiving Address

The receiving address is filled with the default wallet address which can be modified.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction

After clicking “Next”, the information of this transaction will be displayed and the transaction will be confirmed. Click "Confirm" after double check with all of your information


1. Click the arrow button between Heco Network and Ethereum Network to switch from the current chain to Ethereum Network.

2. When you click the drop-down arrow of the receiving chain on the right, you will be able to change the receiving chain

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