1.7 Governance

Governance Model Introduction

SASHIMI-ETH LP Token (i.e. SASHIMICHAKRA) need to be used for SashimiSwap on-chain governance. Any user can initiate a proposal on https://snapshot.sashimi.cool/#/sashimi, and any user holding SASHIMICHAKRA can vote for or against the proposal.

Proposal website: https://snapshot.sashimi.cool/#/sashimi

Structure of the First Sashimi Governance Committee

Size of Sashimi Governance Committee: 5 members (might be expanded in the future)

The Committee has the following responsibilities:

1. Initiate a proposal as a member of the core team.

2. Hold multisig of timelock for future changes.

3. Give advice on Sashimi's development.

Term of Committee members: to be elected every six months

Time of establishment: October 20, 2020

Proposal Rules

  • The voting period is unlimited, the default period is three days.

  • Vote by using the SASHIMI-ETH SALP Token (i.e. SASHIMICHAKRA) staked in the Farms, one token, one vote.

  • The proposal will be passed after the participation rate reaches 30% and the Yes votes exceed 60%.

  • When the core team initiates a proposal, a proposal number needs to be added before the title, and add ‘1’ based on the latest proposal number. For example, if the latest proposal number is [SAIP-0001], then the proposal number should be [SALP-0002] when initiating a new proposal.

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